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hello all! MGB has been really busy with all the SG and other events around that we forgot that we have a main page to update. well ill try to update it more often then yearly!

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filling the truck with goods for the needy.

instead of playing paintball, team MGB went and helped the Washington food bank with its annual walk and knock. thanks to those who donated time, money and canned food. we filled a 40ft truck with goods for the needy. this is going to be an annual thing for team MGB.

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black lagoon

Battle for Black Lagoon was a great event. thanks Team walkons for letting us host the event at your field. also thanks Big dawg for an awesome BBQ. great job by everyone. Truth and Honor.

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july 10th 2011. it was an awesome day of paintball, friends food and throwing paint who could ask for more.

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HDS is always a good time!

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Moongobbie Brothers… Who we are….
The Moongobbie Bros are a tactical/scenario paintball team. We are comprised from woodsballers and speedballers from all ages located around the Portland/Vancouver metro area. Our home field is in Hockinson, Washington.
Well that was the sterile version of ‘what’ we are; ‘who’ we are is much more.
We are; in the most basic sense, friends.

We are friends that love to play paintball. We love to play paintball in the woods; we love to play in the desert as well as an open field filled with air-filled obstacles. We play paintball with pumps; we play with semi/full autos. We can play the tactically stealthy way; sneak up on the unsuspecting or ram it up the middle in a full frontal assault. We play when it’s 2v2; or 500v500. Rain or shine, most Sundays you’ll find us at our field rippin’ it up, or out at a Big Scenario game. We love to play.

At the field we are fierce competitors without losing sight of our humanity. We are courageous yet humble. Truth and honor above all else.
We sit to allow others to play. We work to give the best experience possible playing the game. And graciously give of ourselves and our possessions to accomplish these tasks. Lending of knowledge, tools, or parts are surrendered without a second thought, because trust is never a one way street.

Field tasks and projects are worked on by many; not the few. Never is it just one soldier to yield to an intimidating task; but an army to diminish its overwhelming effects.
But what really sets us apart is what we do together off the field. Besides playing paintball or working on and maintaining the paintball rolling stock we spend time recreationally. We BBQ together, as well as celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or the passing of a dear pet. We help each other move, build greenhouses, work on each other’s vehicles or pull weeds from a garden owned by someone unable to attend to it. We even camp, hunt and fish together.

Some call us renegades. This definition is given to those of us that refuse to run a ‘for-profit’ field; by those that have given into the notion that you have to accept bad-attitudes, dishonest players, and inflexibility to make a dollar. This is the concept that we refuse to believe in. New players arrive often and leave seldom. The environment we create is comfortable and hopefully contagious. Those that have the wrong attitude or an agenda will not feel comfortable. They’ll find some other host to infect.

We still support the local paintball stores while using our group size to minimize costs by making larger purchases together. So if this truly is the definition of renegade; then I proudly wear the moniker.

All who came before me and all who follow; man, woman or child; we are all that I’ve defined and more…
We are Brothers…
We are Moongobbies

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Welcome to the new Moongobbie Bros. site.

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